Why Comer & Cross Uses Polyaspartic Instead Of Epoxy?

Comer & Cross Concrete Coatings has completed 900+ coating projects. The projects consist of garages, basements & commercial spaces. Our installation crews have tried a number of products that claim to be long lasting solutions for both new and damaged concrete floors.

At first, we used epoxy. It was promised by suppliers as a solution that would look fantastic and hold up against the harsh winter months for years. Unfortunately, only one of those promises were true. Epoxy performed for the first 6-12 months and then tended to go on a downward spiral. 

Epoxy has a tendency to peel, delaminate and has a lifespan of only 2-4 years.This product did not meet the standard for Comer & Cross and our clients.

Ever since our realization, Comer & Cross has been committed to polyurea/polyaspartic coating systems that meet our criteria for appearance and durability.

Polyaspartic Vs Epoxy

Our pure polyaspartic/polyurea concrete coatings are 4X stronger and 5X more flexible than epoxy. This means that they will not chip, crack or peel under extreme temperature change or heavy use. Our Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coatings are long lasting because they form a chemical  bond with concrete. Because of the product’s strength and fast cure time, our installations require experienced professional installers.

What Is The Estimate Process Like & Do I Really Need One?

Our sales team here at Comer & Cross Concrete Coatings gets asked all kinds of questions every day. Questions regarding durability, pricing, color options and much more! Our team of trusted sales professionals is here to help. Their expertise is unmatched when it comes to floor coatings.

We often hear from our customers just how helpful our free estimates can be. But you might be wondering what exactly goes on at these estimates and how can they give you value?

After you call one of our sales representatives to schedule an appointment, you will get a text confirmation regarding your appointment information.

It’s Time For The Fun Stuff! What Happens On The Day Of Your Estimate?

Step One:

Upon arrival, one of our sales representatives will give our customers an idea of what we are going to do. The sales representative shows a 2 minute video of exactly what happens when Comer & Cross coats a floor. This includes grinding, repair and the coating process.

Step Two:

Our sales representative wants to know what YOUR needs are. Should it be slip resistant? Do you want it to be easy to clean? Are you looking for a long term solution? We want to get a plan ready that is right for you!

Step Three:

After the informative sit down. The sales representative takes a moisture test and uses a laser measuring tool to get exact measurements without moving a thing!

Step Four:

Choose the color that catches your eye! Our sales representatives have several different colors that you can look at. Do you prefer tan, blue, grey? We have an impressive selection!

Based on the information that our sales representatives find, they calculate the cost and additional notes. The Sales Representative is able to give the customer the project price right on the spot! The customer can accept or deny the bid. If the customer accepts, the sales representative can schedule the install with you.

At the end of the day, you can see why so many our our customers find the in person estimates helpful. The knowledge shared during the quick 20 minutes is amazing. The customer gets time to pick our sales professionals’ brains and also receive advice on what might work best! The bid is good for an entire year, so if you don’t want to get it done right away that is okay!

We want our customers to love their new coated surfaces, this is why we want one of our experts to take a look! What you want your space to look like is up to you! When considering turning around your garage floor or other surface, give Comer & Cross a ring. We promise you won’t forget us!

Durable Garage Floors In Colors You’ll Love

Choosing strength while keeping your style

You will want to invest in a heavy duty coating that will handle the cars, toys and more. Comer & Cross offers a variety of color options to choose from!

No need for paint or epoxy to get the look you want.

Polyurea / Polyaspartic Chip System

Epoxy has the reputation of having a low price & coming in all kinds of colors. At Comer & Cross we know that epoxy doesn’t last. With Comer & Cross premium coating solutions, there is no need to sacrifice color for durability. Our colorful broadcast chip system has a textured surface that is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. Our Chip System is available in a variety of colors including shades of black, blue and gray.

Thinking Resurfacing your Garage Floor? Comer & Cross can handle it!

We know there are plenty of DIY options available for garage floor coatings. However, choosing the cheap option could cause a big headache. Hiring Comer & Cross will save you  time, energy, and trips to home depot. We’ll install a polyurea/polyaspartic coating that is made to last for years to come. Our expert floor technicians can install polyaspartic coatings in just one day. 

So, What are the best garage floor options for homeowners?

Most homeowners simply don’t know what they can do with their old concrete floor. Let’s talk about some of the potential options. Some homeowners take the cheapest option with floor paint. You can find it at most of the big box stores. For a cheaper option than a polyurea/ polyaspartic coating you can go with an epoxy coating.But, epoxy will most likely chip/peel in 2-3 years (sometimes much sooner.)

The Most durable option to invest in your home with is a polyurea/ Polyaspartic coating with Comer & Cross. Our coatings have a chemical bond with your concrete that creates an extreme level of adhesion that epoxy can’t match. Our coatings are slip resistant, chemical resistant, completed in one day, and 4X stronger than Epoxy coatings.

Clean Up Your Garage With A Long-Lasting Floor

Keeping your garage clean can be a hassle. Our team at Comer & Cross understands this. It is hard to picture what your garage floor could look like when your contents are cluttered throughout the space. We are here to help and show you that this is all possible!


When you walk into your garage does it tend to lead to a negative emotion? If this is the case Comer & Cross could be the solution & motivation you have always needed. 

Our beautiful concrete coating will give you a new sense of pride in your garage that you never had before. Give yourself something to maintain & keep clean.

Organize & Clean Your Space

There are many benefits to keeping your space organized & clean. It gives many of our clients the peace of mind they are seeking. Rather than being overwhelmed by your clutter, you should approach the project section by section.

The first thing we recommend is to ask about our storage systems. If you plan on doing it yourself that works as well. Picture and plan your organized garage before you take everything out. Once you take everything out, divide your items into things you will be keeping and things you plan to throw out. Once you have your items sorted out we recommend dusting your items with whatever tools you desire. If you don’t plan on using our storage system, we recommend storage bins and shelves to maximize your space.

Garage Floor Repairs

Let’s be honest, year after year your garage floor tends to take some abuse. This may result in cracks, pitting, and spalling. So…Can Comer & Cross fix this or do you need to get your slab torn out? The good news is that Comer & Cross can handle most repairs and make your floor perform and look as good as new. If you have a previously failing epoxy coating we can fix that for you as well!

Why Install A Comer & Cross Coating?

If you are looking for a durable floor that is easy to keep clean, you have come to the right place. But what makes Comer & Cross so special?

  • 4X Stronger Than Epoxy
  • Easy To Clean
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Color Options
  • Salt, Oil, Hot-Tire, Chemical Resistant