Southeast Michigan

Concrete Floor Coatings in Southeast Michigan

We are a leading company for premium concrete coatings serving customers across Southeast Michigan. Our high-quality concrete flooring takes just a day to install and is backed by best-in-class 15 years of Warranty. Our team of knowledgeable and professional technicians helps install quality concrete flooring solutions for your home in a timely fashion.

Our pure polyaspartic/polyurea concrete coatings are 4X stronger and 5X more flexible than epoxy. This means that they will not chip, crack or peel under extreme temperature change or heavy use. Our Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coatings are long-lasting because they form a chemical bond with concrete. Because of the product’s strength and fast cure time, our installations require experienced professional installers.

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Southeast Michigan, also called southeastern Michigan, is a region in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan that is home to a majority of the state’s businesses and industries as well as slightly over half of the state’s population, most of whom are concentrated in Metro Detroit. It is bordered in the northeast by Lake St. Clair, to the south-east Lake Erie, and the Detroit River which connects these two lakes.

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